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Lotus is our F1 Mini Goldendoodle. She weighs 25 lbs.  Her color is Apricot with a White chest & White tips on her paws. Lotus has been DNA Health Tested by Embark, which tested for over 160 health conditions.  Lotus is the most "people person" dog you could meet, she LOVES everyone!  If you are in the pool then Lotus is in the pool swimming with you, our family loves that about her!  Lotus enjoys snuggling anywhere we are - the couch, in bed.  She is incredibly smart!  She was bell potty trained by 9 weeks old.  The video is in the Adorable Pictures Gallery!  I have been blessed that I get to take her to work with me everyday - she thinks any customer is there just to see her!!


Brodie is a F1b mini goldendoodle.  He weighs 17 lbs & is Red/Apricot in color. He is registered with GANA! Brodie has been DNA Health Tested & is clear/normal, OFA heart, elbow, patella & hips tested & cleared.  He lives with his loving family in Oklahoma & has been such a blessing to have around!  Brodie's sweet & happy disposition has brought so much joy to his family!  He loves to wrestle with big people & snuggle with the little ones!  Nobody can give you a better greeting after a long day than Brodie! His family is thrilled to pass along his amazing genetics & even better personality!

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